Voice in a Million 2018

In 2003 the couple had decided to start a family, however, due to circumstances, they decided to embark on the route of adoption.

By January 2006, (3 years later) they were still in the adoption system, having gone through a number of setbacks and endless red-tape in the UK, they decided to consider adopting from another country. By chance in February 2006, they were in Tangiers, Morocco; and were invited to visit a small orphanage….it was here that they met a 4-month-old boy…a moment that was to change their lives forever.

Almost a year later, with Jo practically having lived in Morocco for most of that time, they finally brought their son home to the UK; and almost a year after that he was officially adopted.Jo and Robert had been in the UK adoption system for more than four years.

A few months after they brought Samuel home, Robert was producing a televised concert with his friend, Rick Wakeman. During the performance, Rick unexpectedly decided to play a piece he had written; and dedicated it to Samuel. This gave Robert the nucleus of an idea to create a musical show that was themed to tell the story of other children less fortunate, the ones that hadn’t found homes.

In 2007, Jo now a full-time mother, decided that she wanted to start teaching youngsters; and formed a small part-time musical academy for children, based out of the couple’s film and TV studio in Shepperton Studios.

In 2009, whilst discussing a potential show date for one of the company’s artists at the O2 Arena, it became clear that due to the unfortunate demise of Michael Jackson, the arena had 50 dates to fill. Whilst the artist in the discussion couldn’t commit to one of those dates, the couple decided that this would be the ideal opportunity to create a show for children based on their original idea, with children taking part. The idea to create a show, which would highlight the plight of children in care around the world; and the issues and problems facing prospective adopters, had been in development for some time; and this seemed like the ideal time to launch it. Within a couple of weeks, Voice in a Million was launched. Five months later, in January 2010, 5,000 children appeared at the O2 Arena in the first-ever Voice in a Million Concert.

VIAM2019 will mark our 10th Anniversary and 10 years of staging Voice in a Million, and promises to be our most spectacular show to date

Voice in a Million is a massive arena concert showcasing a large scale children’s choirs, in this case comprising 10,000 schoolchildren from all around the UK. VIAM amasses some of the largest children’s choirs in the world and is run by Voice in a Million, the organisation founded by Robert and Jo Garofalo in 2006 to raise awareness of the millions of children worldwide who are orphaned, abandoned or separated from their birth parents. This was the second year that DMX productions has supplied all the technical production elements – including lighting, video, rigging and audio – for the VIAM Wembley event,

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